Tips to Installing Outdoor Porch Swing

Oct 27th

Outdoor porch swing can be a great way to enjoy the warmer months and put a living space on the front of your home. Installing takes just a few hours and a little know-how. This article will be written about how to install a roof mounted swing

Wooden Outdoor Porch Swing
Wooden Outdoor Porch Swing


The first step of mounting a swing is to determine the future position. There must be enough space between the back of the outdoor porch swing and the edge of the house. An easy way to measure this is to tie a rope to the top of a plastic chair, keep it in the air so that the chair seat is on the sitting level. Then push the chair back to the point that someone is sitting on it to slide off. If anything is related to this point then it must be moved further. Make a pencil mark on the roof of the porch after finding the perfect distance. If you mount your turn parallel to the house go to the next step. If you mount your swing parallel to the front of the house, proceed to the next step,

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Place the outdoor porch swing on the floor of the gun house in exact location it will eventually hang above. Using a string or rope, attach one end to the center of each handle in the swing. Place a mark on each spot using a pen. If you have access to the area between the ceiling and the roof above continue, if not skip to step three. Take measurements of the two pencil markings based on distance from the house and the end of the roof. Get access to the wind above and make markings pencil at corresponding measurements.

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